Log Book Servicing

Log Book Services

Need to protect your new car warranty but don’t want to use a major dealer?

Classy Cars in Everton Hills offers a cost-effective, high-quality, dealer alternative for your log book scheduled services that won’t void your warranty.

We do logbook services for all makes and models of cars – from premium cars such as SAAB Mercedes and BMW, through to family cars such as Mitsubishi, Holden or Ford.

When you trust us with your log book service, we comply with all log book service requirements and procedures. We ensure all your car services are fully and clearly documented, stamp your books, and reset your instrument service reminders if needed.

You can choose to have 100% genuine parts used in your car, or you can trust us to use premium parts and lubricants that, in our experience, are often better than genuine.

The Truth About Non-Dealer Servicing

  • You have the right to choose who services your car.
  • You will NOT void your warranty if an independent service centre services your car during warranty.
  • You have the right to request your mechanic use genuine or comparable parts and lubricants when they service your car.
  • To maintain your warranty, stick to your handbook’s schedule in terms of KM or time between services.

Why Choose Classy Cars for Your Log Book Service?

It’s your car, and you have the right to have your car serviced the way you want when you want.

The main reason our clients keep coming back is our personalised service. With us, you get to talk directly with the mechanic who has worked on your car to find out what was done and any issues that came up. We welcome your questions – after all, it is your car!

Other clients tell us that they like not being treated like a number on a conveyor belt. Many dealer centres have very tight turnaround times which can lead to shortcuts or mistakes. With us, you and your car are treated with care and respect. While we work efficiently, we never cut corners with the quality of our work.

If you need a lift, or even a replacement car while your car is in for service, we are happy to help. We have several courtesy cars available, so let us know how we can help when you book in.

Call us for a quote for your next log book service. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference!

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