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Car Tyres & Wheel Alignments

Ever heard the saying, “Where the rubber meets the road?” It’s more than just a saying.

Good quality, well-maintained tyres give you a smooth ride, higher engine efficiency, and more importantly, they help you stop quickly in an emergency.

We can arrange to fit all brands and models of tyres while you are in for a service with us – including sports tyres, tyres for late model cars, 4WD, AWD and SUV tyres and space saver tyres.

It’s all just part of our friendly car service designed to help make your life easier without having to run around North Brisbane chasing repairs for your car.

Wheel Alignments

Are your tyres wearing out quickly or wearing only on the edge? Does the steering not feel quite right or shake when you brake?  Your wheels may be out of alignment.

To extend the life of your tyres, we can arrange to have your tyres rotated and balanced and to provide your car with an accurate wheel alignment, which means no pulling to one side when you stop.

Puncture Repairs

Have a puncture? If you are booked in for a service with us, and let us know that your spare has a puncture, we can arrange to have it assessed to see if a quick puncture repair is possible or if you need the whole tyre replaced.

Contact us today for a quote for an efficient tyre service for your car.

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