Car Servicing

Routine & Intermediate Servicing to suit all budgets.

Car Servicing 2

Car Servicing

Routine or Standard Car Servicing.

Have you noticed that your friends never have car problems? That their vehicles always start on cold, wet days?

The secret to this is preventative maintenance.

Having your vehicle serviced yearly and a general check every six months if your vehicle makes many short stop-start journeys, prevents minor problems from becoming major issues.

Classy Cars offer standard logbook servicing according to your vehicle manufacturers specifications for used cars or cars out of their warranty period.

We offer routine car servicing to suit your budget and your car’s needs. Our car service prices are competitive, and our services comprehensive and thorough.

Diesel & 4WD Servicing

Classy Cars are experienced diesel mechanics offering quality diesel and 4WD routine and intermediate servicing.

As part of your diesel service, we ensure that your throttle body and EGR system are cleaned and maintained for peak efficiency.


Remember, diesel vehicles need to be driven regularly at speed for at least 2 hours to burn off carbon that builds up inside the throttle body and EGR system. Has your vehicle had a good run on the highway recently?


Intermediate Servicing.

Does your car make a lot of stop-start trips? Do you do a lot of driving in peak hour traffic?  Do you regularly drive through dusty, rough, or muddy roads? Do you regularly tow a caravan or boat?

Your car will probably benefit from an intermediate car service between your routine services.

An intermediate service deals with the essentials – replacing your oil and oil filter, fluid level inspections, air filter inspection, spark plug replacement and an essential safety inspection.

Intermediate car servicing is perfect just before a driving holiday or simply just to keep things safely ticking over.