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Keep your engine from overheating

Car radiator problems

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Radiators & Cooling Systems

Keeping engines cool in the hot Brisbane climate can be a challenge. If your car overheats while in traffic, you could be up for costly repair bills.

Is your radiator leaking green or red coolant?

Do you have a burst or split radiator hose?

Is your engine temperature too high?

Do you have steam coming from the radiator?

We can help keep your car cool.

Radiator & Cooling System Tip

Remember, please do not drive your car but get it towed to us if you have problems with your radiator or cooling system. Otherwise, you could damage your engine, and a simple repair could end up as a major rebuild.



Radiator & Cooling System Repairs

Classy Cars we provide radiator and cooling system solutions for all makes of cars and 4WDs and AWDs, including:

  • Radiator flush, repairs, service, and replacement,
  • Thermostat repairs and replacement,
  • Repairing leaks,
  • Pressure testing of the cooling system, including radiators, water pumps and hoses,
  • Cooling system belts and hoses, and
  • Engine fan repairs and replacements.

Keep your cool with Classy Cars radiator and car cooling systems.

Checking car radiator