Steering & Suspension

Fix suspension & steering issues.

Car suspension repairs

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Steering & Suspension

Do you have suspension problems?

When your shock absorbers are worn, or there are problems with your car suspension, it means more than just an uncomfortable ride. It means an extra few metre stopping distance in an accident.

But suspension problems are often almost silent. So, what are some of the warning signs?

Does your car dip when you brake?

Does your car feel “bouncy” when you drive or lean on it, or feels hard and uncomfortable when you drive it?

Do you hear a knocking noise while driving on a rough road?

Is there unusual fluid leaking from your suspension?

Do you have unusual tread wear on your tyres?

Does your car not handle corners as well as it once did?

You may have a suspension or shock absorber problem.

The only way to know for sure is with a regular detailed safety and suspension check.

Shock Absorber & Suspension Repairs

At Classy Cars, we fit, repair, and replace:


Shock absorbers


Macpherson struts


Coil springs & leaf springs


Suspension ball joints


Tie rods & bushes


Control arms


Front or rear sway bars


Electronic suspension controls