Car Air Conditioning

Keep your cool all year round.

Car Air Conditioning Service 3

Car Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repairs & Service

Having car air conditioning hassles?

Are you getting warm even when the air-conditioning is on in your car? Are you getting drips of water on your feet when you drive? Are there strange rattles or groans when your air-conditioning is on? Does your air-conditioner smell musty or stale?

Our mechanics will diagnose and fix your car air conditioning problems.

Air Conditioning Repair Services – Everton Hills

At Classy Cars, we service all makes and models of car air-conditioners. We provide:

  • Car air-conditioning re-gassing,
  • Climate control repairs and service,
  • Car air-conditioning compressor repairs and service, and
  • Car air-conditioning drive belt and pulley adjustments and repairs.

We also offer a complete car air-conditioner cleaning service that deodorises and kills the mould spores and mildew that builds up over time, even in the best-maintained cars.

Car Air Conditioning Tip

Remember, to prolong the life of your car air-conditioner and to protect the environment, run your car air-conditioner for a few minutes each week both in summer and winter, as this lubricates the seals in your air-conditioning system and helps to prevent leaks.


Regular Air-Conditioning Maintenance

Car air-conditioners quietly lose refrigerant over time. We recommend that car air-conditioners are tested and serviced every two years.

Car air-conditioning repairs and maintenance are a highly regulated industry. There are strict environmental laws in place, as car air-conditioning refrigerant is harmful to the ozone layer.

For this reason, you should only have your car air-conditioner serviced by qualified and licenced mechanics.

Car Air Conditioning Service 3